Jon Wizard will be a bridge to a better future for the Central Coast, fighting for the issues that affect everyday people in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo Counties.


If elected, Jon will get to work tackling the most pressing challenges facing the Central Coast, including:


Creating Affordable Housing

Housing is where jobs go to sleep at night, and having enough homes for our entire workforce means having both a vibrant community and a thriving economy. As someone who works as the policy director for a housing nonprofit, Jon is an expert in state housing law and knows that we can’t forget about the middle class when we talk about affordable housing. Jon will support our communities in having accessible and affordable housing to ensure everyone can still achieve the California Dream. Teachers, nurses, veterans, and first responders are the backbone of our communities and they deserve an opportunity to have safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Combatting Climate Change

The effects of sea level rise, wildfire, drought, and extreme heat intensify every year, and we can’t afford to stagger from one emergency to the next. We need a statewide climate resiliency master plan that sets out the specific actions we will undertake to minimize the loss of life and damage to property as our climate continues to change for the worse. Jon will partner with scientists and emergency managers to take a holistic look at the coast, the wildland-urban interface, and the climate to make strategic investments in communities that protect our families and our neighbors when emergency strikes.


Reinvigorating Our Local Economy

Jon recognizes that the environment and our local economy are inextricably interconnected. If elected, Jon will pursue innovations in the aviation, energy, and technology sectors to green our infrastructure and economy. He will support locating an offshore wind maintenance and operations hub on the Central Coast to grow good-paying jobs that underpin green energy infrastructure. He’ll protect our agriculture and viticulture industry to continue making the Central Coast a prosperous and thriving region. Assembly District-30 contains some of our state’s most pristine and historic landscapes. We can’t wait any longer to adapt to and mitigate climate change if we’re going to protect sensitive environmental areas like our iconic coastline and old-growth forests that are the lifeblood of our tourism-based economy.

Protecting High-Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Jon supports AB 1400 (CalCare), the Guaranteed Health Care for All act, and believes its implementation is long overdue. If elected, Jon will work with federal partners to secure reforms in Medicare reimbursements for patients with complex diagnoses, allowing them to see multiple medical providers on the same day to get the care they need. He’ll also continue to support healthcare innovation that works to provide whole-person care, especially for patients in need of both physical and mental health services or who are experiencing homelessness.


Supporting Quality Education

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why the number of students experiencing homelessness is simply unacceptable. Having twice experienced brief periods of homelessness, Jon will collaborate with other lawmakers to create new housing opportunities for students to make sure kids are worried about schoolwork and not where they'll sleep each night. Jon also believes we need to change the Local Control Funding Formula to prevent catastrophic reductions in school funding as a consequence of the ongoing issue of declining enrollment, which has been compounded by the pandemic. Jon will also work with educators and professionals to create a pathway into the building trades and technical professions, like surveying and aircraft maintenance, that gives students who don't want to pursue college an option to still be successful.

Advocating for Seniors

Jon wholeheartedly supports the implementation of the Master Plan for Aging to ensure older adults continue to have access to affordable housing, healthcare, and community. It’s critical we ensure that seniors are well supported and not isolate or excluded as they age. If elected, Jon will work to create more caregiving jobs to support aging in place and economic independence for our elders, reducing seniors' dependence on hospitals and acute-care treatment while at the same time creating new jobs that put money into local economies.


Investing in Childcare

Parents and employers both know that childcare is a real problem in our state. We need to dramatically increase the number of childcare providers across California to ensure parents can earn the money they need to support their families and so employers can have a stable workforce. Kids who have more socialization perform better in school, setting them up for success later in life, and families with more income can provide opportunities for their kids that set them up for a lifetime of success.