A Champion for the Entire Central Coast

We need leaders in the State Assembly who can bridge the gap between Sacramento and the Central Coast and will fight for the issues most important to Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Cruz Counties. We need a dedicated public servant who will fight for our communities, deliver results, and be a champion for the Central Coast – someone who knows how to create more affordable housing, can work collaboratively on our regional water issues, and is an environmental steward for the coast.

That’s Jon Wizard.

Jon has dedicated his life to public service and will bring that work ethic to Sacramento. He began his career as a first responder, spending more than a decade serving and protecting communities in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Cruz Counties as a firefighter, police officer, and 911 emergency dispatcher before suffering an injury in the line of duty and being forced into medical retirement. Refusing to give up the calling to public service, Jon went to work for Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay where he helped build affordable housing in Santa Cruz County and was elected to the Seaside City Council. Jon still serves on the City Council, where he has played an instrumental role in providing housing for teachers, nurses, seniors, and veterans; protecting and increasing the supply of water resources; and creating pathways to empower young people who choose the skilled trades and technical professions instead of college.

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Now, Jon wants to be a champion for the Central Coast region in the State Assembly — to protect our iconic coastline and our diverse wilderness and working lands from the effects of climate change; to ensure our neighbors don’t get pushed out of the communities they call home; and to fight for better healthcare for kids, seniors, and our most vulnerable residents.


Jon knows that it takes more than a few buzzwords or a slick catchphrase to deliver results. It takes hard work and dedication, things he’s learned from a career in public safety and public service. And in Sacramento, he’ll ensure our region’s challenges get the attention they deserve, fighting for:

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Affordable housing so that nurses, teachers, seniors, and veterans can continue to call the Central Coast home


Access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for kids, seniors, and our most vulnerable residents


Climate resiliency planning to protect our communities from the effects of wildfires, drought, and sea level rise

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Get to Know Jon

Jon attended Pacific Grove public schools and then Monterey Peninsula College before transferring to San José State. He also attended Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria where he earned an Associate Degree in firefighting and Cabrillo College in Aptos where he earned an Associate Degree in criminal justice. Most recently, Jon attended Cal State Dominguez Hills where he earned a Master’s Degree in humanities, and where he is now working on a Master of Public Administration Degree, making him a true product of California public schools.

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Professionally, a commitment to public service was instilled in Jon from a young age. His grandparents dedicated their lives to public education—his grandmother was a high school English teacher and his grandfather was a school district superintendent—and Jon’s dad worked in blue collar jobs at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Defense Language Institute while his mom worked with developmentally disabled adults in Pacific Grove. Continuing the family tradition, Jon has spent his entire career in service to his community.

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Joined the Pacific Grove Fire Department at 18, served as a police officer in San Luis Obispo, and 911 emergency dispatcher in Santa Cruz, protecting communities across the entire district for more than a decade

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Appointed to the Monterey County Planning Commission in 2017

Elected to the Seaside City Council in 2018

Chair of the Housing Authority of the County of Monterey since 2021

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Volunteered as an Executive Board member of the NAACP Monterey County Branch, where he facilitated community engagement between local leaders and residents

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Proud parent to Ashton and Tristan, who he is raising with his fiancée Jessica, a nurse at a community hospital and Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board Trustee

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Worked for Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay building homes in Santa Cruz County and working with Monterey County leaders to create affordable homeownership opportunities

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Works as the policy director for an affordable housing nonprofit fighting to ensure that hardworking families can continue to live in their communities

“I come from a working-class family who fought hard to pay the bills, put food on the table, and make a better life for me. I’m running for Assembly to be a voice for the individuals and families working to achieve the California Dream: that working hard and helping your neighbor should be enough to build a dignified life for you and your family. I humbly ask for your vote to represent the Central Coast at the State Capitol and ensure we put Sacramento to work for us by supporting more affordable housing, creating better and more accessible economic opportunity, and addressing the drastic effects of climate change that threaten our lives and livelihoods on the Central Coast.”